Security Management

Our experienced team of Accredited Security Management Specialists can provide a comprehensive security management service to protect your organisation from incidents of violence and aggression, theft and criminal damage.

How we support you:

  • Appointment of a dedicated ‘Client Engagement Manager’ who is an accredited security management specialist to manage your service level agreement for the duration of the contract (usually 3 years),
  • Support from a professional team, so there is always someone on hand or at the end of a telephone to address your issues or offer advice,
  • Completion of an organisational crime profile and risk assessment to establish your current level of risk, control measures in place and measures to be implemented,
  • Completion of work-plans (usually over 3 years), quarterly and annual reports,
  • Corporate overarching risk assessments to identify risks and control measures; to assist managers implementing risk assessments at corporate and local levels including update of entries to the risk register,
  • Preparation and delivery of policies, procedures, local risks assessments and policy implementation programme for key staff,
  • Security reviews and surveys (Inc. site surveys, lockdown, violence and aggression, lone working and personal safety),
  • Analysis of incidents of violence and aggression to identify hotspots, persistent aggressors, staff most affected, impact factors and trigger points; to work with staff to reduce incidents and their impact to a minimum,
  • Review and investigate all security related incidents,
  • Sanctions and redress. Take appropriate action such as delivery of ‘unacceptable behaviour letters/contracts, provision of a physical presence at ‘high risk’ consultations or visits,
  • To initiate and manage civil or criminal proceedings or prosecutions through the Police, other government agencies or solicitors,
  • To act as a single point of contact (SPOC) for incidents and to support/chaperone staff through legal proceedings.