It is important that staff feel safe in their working environment. Violent behaviour not only affects them personally but it also has a negative impact on the standard of services that your business is able to deliver.

In terms of tackling violence against staff, Conflict Resolution Training (CRT) is a key preventative tool. Clearly, it is not sufficient to react to incidents after they occur; ways of reducing the risk of incidents occurring and preventing them from happening in the first place must be found.

CRT is mandatory for all NHS frontline staff and this course complies with NHS Protect guidance.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • describe common causes of conflict,
  • describe the two forms of communication,
  • give examples of how communication can break down,
  • explain three examples of communication models that can assist in conflict resolution,
  • describe patterns of behaviour that may be encountered during different interactions,
  • give examples of warning and danger signs,
  • give examples of impact factors,
  • describe the use of distance when dealing with conflict,
  • explain the use of 'reasonable force' as it applies to conflict resolution,
  • describe different methods for dealing with possible conflict situations.

Intended audience

  • All frontline NHS staff,
  • Non-NHS staff who have contact with service users / customers.


Delegates that have attended this course say:

" From the beginning the delivery was engaging, interactive and very relevant. Knowledge that I already had was enhanced and I certainly learnt more. Staff that had never been to these sessions found them very useful and enjoyed the half day.   Answers to questions raised would be contextualised and made clear for all to understand. Debate opened up ideas and challenged peoples thinking and perceptions." - Head of Education and Training (Yeovil District Hospital)

"Clear easy instruction, didn't feel like 4 hours! Great!"

"Have to say I was dreading a 4 hour session of anything, let alone conflict resolution training.  I completely misjudged it!  Absolutely great training session, thank you."

"The trainer was expert and very good at his subject"

How to book

To book this course please call 01305 361199 or email