Employers have a duty to prevent illegal working in the UK by carrying out prescribed document checks on people before employing them to ensure they are lawfully allowed to work.

Employers that fail to carry out checks correctly, or at all, and are found employing someone illegally could face a civil penalty of up to £20,000 for each illegal worker.

With effect from 12 July 2016, under section 21 of the 2006 Act (as amended by section 35 of the 2016 Act), an employer commits an offence if he employs an illegal worker and knows or has reasonable cause to believe that the person has no right to do the work in question.

This interactive training assists HR/Recruitment teams and recruiting managers to identify and report fraudulent identity documents, protecting your organisation from the risk of civil penalties or criminal charges for employing illegal workers.


Upon completion of the training, participants will:

  • understand their obligations to prevent illegal working
  • understand the risks of failing to prevent illegal working
  • be able to verify candidate’s right to work status
  • have experience of comparing examples of real and fake documents
  • understand how to report suspicious documents

Intended audience

  • Directors / Managers
  • Recruiting Managers / Department Heads
  • HR / Recruitment teams
  • Legal and Compliance teams
  • Risk and Governance teams


  • 86% of attendees say that the training has improved their knowledge of right to work checks, and
  • 96% of attendees say that the training has improved their confidence in being able to correctly complete a right to work check

Delegates that have attended this course say:

“Very happy with the training, I got to know things that I never knew before” – Ardmore delegate

“A real eye-opener, I didn’t fully realise the consequences of getting this wrong.”

“Thought provoking training. As a manager that recruits a fairly high number of staff I probably should have done this training a long time ago.”

How to book

To book this course please call 01305 361199 or email

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