This course aims to equip staff with skills in engagement, de-escalation and physical restraint enabling them to prevent and manage violent and aggressive situations in a safe manner.

They will be taught a range of techniques and be expected to use the least restrictive interventions to manage safely the situation they are faced with.

Many topics are also covered by various speakers including service user involvement.


Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify risk factors relating to restraint
  • Learn the legal and ethical issues relating to restraint
  • Restrain using control of the arms, control of the head, control of the legs
  • Restrain using a 3 person take down
  • Restrain someone in a chair or to a bean bag
  • Supine Restraint using 4 to 5 people to restrain service user face up on the floor
  • De-escalate situations
  • Understand rapid tranquilization
  • Understand triggers of aggression in the elderly

Intended audience

  • All NHS staff working in mental health inpatient units


Delegates that have attended this course say:

"The emphasis on teamwork, giving me the confidence and knowledge to approach an aggressive situation and successfully manage and de-escalate it."

"Very intense course but excellent teaching methods, lots of demonstrations and chance to practice."

"I feel I have been equipped with the skills to use in real situations."

How to book

To book this course please call 01305 361199 or email