Tailgating is a common security breach and is often innocently aided by an employee politely holding a door open for someone.  But what if the individual that you politely hold the door open for is intent on causing harm to people or property?

As demonstrated in the video clip featuring Andy Wells, one of our Client Engagement Leads, it can be very easy for someone with improper intent to gain access to secure areas of your building. 

Once there, they could steal cash and cards from employees bags, they could steal equipment, confidential paper files or electronic data, or they could physically harm employee’s and service users.

We all have a responsibility for security in our workplaces, that means not passively accepting tailgating.  Top tips:

  • When entering an access controlled area it only take a few extra seconds to ensure that the door closes without unauthorised personnel following you in.
  • If someone does follow you in and you don’t know who they are, or they don’t have an appropriate identity badge, politely challenge them as demonstrated by Andy Wells in the video clip.
  • Don’t be fobbed off, if you challenge them and they don’t provide a satisfactory response, ask them to wait outside the access controlled area until you can establish their identity.

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The security risks from tailgating…
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